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January 2000  -  Volume 3  -  Issue 1

Medical & Dental Expectations For Foster Children

This past summer, Denver County Department of Human Services sent out a notice for guidelines to be used to ensure Foster Care compliance in medical/dental appointments for children who are in placement.

Presidio not only holds the same expectations but requires the following guidelines of Presidio's therapeutic foster care homes:

Routine Medical Exam Schedule:
- From birth - 12 months
- 2 weeks - 15 months
- 2 months - 18months
- 4 months - 24 months (2 yr.)
- 6 months - 30 months (2 yr.)
- 9months - 36 months (3 yr.)
- Children 4 and older require a full exam and current immunizations every year.

Routine Dental Exam Schedule:
- No routine dental exams needed until age three unless required by a physician.
- Children 3 years of age and older need dental exams ever six months.
Initial Placement of Foster children:
Denver County guidelines suggest the exam schedule only at the initial placement into foster care from the child home. However, Presidio requires that all children being place in your home follow these guidelines.
* Medical appointment must be scheduled within 2 weeks of placement and a dental appointment within 8 weeks of placement.
If you have further questions, please contact your treatment coordinator or Presidio's main office.


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