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June 2000  -  Volume 3  -  Issue 4

New and Revised State Rules

State Rule: 7.710.33, F

Effective Date of Revision: 1/1/00

What the Rule States: "An annual on-site, unannounced, home inspection must be made to the foster care home to determine compliance with the Minimum Rules and Regulations for Foster Care Homes and, if the foster care home is dual certified, with the rules regulating Family Child Care Homes. A written report of the supervisory visit must be given to the foster parent, and a copy maintained at the child placement agency. A written notice of noncompliance with the regulations will be left with the foster parents or sent to the foster parents within 15 days of the supervisory visit if there is noncompliance. Compliance must be achieved within the time frames indicated on the written compliance notice."

What this Means: Presidio will continue to do our annual inspections as always. However, there will now be one unannounced visit per year in each home.

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