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January 1999 - Volume 2 - Issue 1

Fostering Experiences
by Brenda Shaw
I have so much love inside of me
Of which I want to share.
With all the needy children,
That there is in Foster Care.

Your love and understanding,
Is put to the test.
When you give a child all you've got,
And they ask you for the rest.

Sometimes you make a difference,
For a child within your care.
But more than not you're criticized,
For the time that they stayed there.

So many thoughts cloud my mind,
My heart is filled with pain.
Kids I thought I was helping
Have laid on me, the blame.
You're guilty till proven innocent,
The system lets you know.
And you sit there, all alone,
With no where else to go.

You spend your life establishing,
A name of which you're proud.
A bitter child speaks ill of you,
And now you wear a shroud.
But it makes it all worth while to me,
To put up with this strife.
If I have made a difference,
In ONE young person's life!

Written by Brenda Shaw, a former foster parent in Canada. Reprinted with permission.

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