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January 1999 - Volume 2 - Issue 1

Safety: Helmets Really Do Save Lives

By Augusta Buerta from PARENTS magazine

Despite public safety campaigns stressing the importance of bicycle helmets, thousands of kids are injured or killed each year in cycling related accidents. A recent study by the national Center for Injury Prevention and Control found that up to 116,000 head injuries and 184 deaths might be prevented annually if all children 19 and under wore a helmet. To get your child to wear one, study author Jeffrey J Sacks, M.D., advises the following:

~ Introduce the helmet with the first trike or bicycle so that wearing it becomes a lifelong habit.

~ Let your child select his own helmet; he is more likely to wear one he has chosen. Just make sure it is ANSI-, Snell-, or ASTM - Approved.

~ Tell your child that if he doesn't wear one, he won't be allowed to ride.

1998 Gruner + Jahr USA Publishing. Reprinted from PARENTS magazine by permission, Issue: June 1997.

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