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September/ October 1999 - Volume 2 - Issue 7

Creative Kid Connections

Submitted By Mike Fiveson,Presidio, Inc. Treatment Coordinator

Sometimes being a foster parent can be fun. "What", you say? "Fun", you ask? Well, it can be fun if you make it fun, says co-parent Bri-Z Macias.

Bri-Z has the challenge of providing for four girls (three of whom are sisters), and the baby of one of these girls. While some might think this is asking for trouble, Bri-Z takes a day by day approach in managing this crew. One thing she knows for certain is that if they are all to live together, they must live as a family, respecting each others property and privacy. So far this formula seems to be working and in an effort to reward these girls for their hard work, Bri-Z came up with a surprise they will long remember.

On a recent Friday, Bri-Z told the girls that they would be going to a special restaurant and to be dressed nicely by 5:00 PM. What she didn't tell them was that she had arranged for a long white limousine to take them for a drive. There was a stop at an Italian restaurant where the girls enjoyed dinner by candlelight. Finally the young ladies were taken to the local skating rink where they were dropped off to skate. Of course there were many children who witnessed the limo and these laughing girls making their way to the rink. "Are you someone famous?," they were asked. All in all this was an experience that made these girls feel, if not famous, very special. How many of us have been treated like royalty, if only for a few hours?

Bri-Z is quick to point out than the cost associated with this evening was more than made up by the joy it brought to her family. This was a very special way of saying thank you, and Bri-Z demonstrates that being a foster parent leaves room for creativity and fun. By the way Bri-Z, THANK YOU!

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